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Only One Day 3 Dose Formula

Safe and Effective

Taste and smell back within 48 hours

Taste is improved within 3 hours of consumption and is completely back to normal within 48 hours thus increasing the appetite and improvement in the patient’s overall health

Clinically Proven Ayurveda Immuno Modulatory Kit

Improves Digestive fire quickly.





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About “Ayurcoro-3” kit (Therapeutic Modality) :

Ayurcoro-3 is a clinically proven immunomodulatory kit developed by the department of Ayurveda at Bhaktivedanta Hospital and Research Institute in collaboration with Sri Sarveshwar  Seva Sanstha.

Sri Sarveshwar Seva Sanstha is a social organisation working for the welfare of society in Mumbai.

Bhaktivedanta Hospital & Research Institute is a 200 bedded not-for-profit, multi-speciality, NABH accredited hospital committed to integrated holistic healthcare practice, community service, education and research. The Hospital is a project of Sri Chaitanya Seva Trust which is rendering various community initiatives for the welfare of rural and tribal populations largely in 3 Districts – Thane, Palghar and Mathura.

Bhaktivedanta Ayurveda is a unique combination of modern technology with innovation without compromising the Ancient wisdom of Ayurveda.

The department of Ayurveda has conducted successful research in the area of pediatric asthma, the role of Panchakarma in the management of ischemic heart disease. The department of Ayurveda has always come up with valuable contributions in the form of preventive medicine, predictive medicine, proactive medicine and curative medicine.

Ayurcoro -3 Research :

In Dec 2019, a new corona-virus was identified as the cause of a disease outbreak that originated in China. Yet no treatment has been found to be effective. The government of India has already been advising people to follow Ayush guidelines for immunity boosting , Ayurvedic measures and this has also been promoted through the ArogyaSetu app. It is very important to consider alternate pathies to curb this deadly disease and hence Bhaktivedanta Hospital and  Research Institute in association with Shree Sarveshwar Seva Sahkar Sanstha undertook a clinical trial on study medicine titled “Ayurcoro-3” which is constituted from Panchagavya derivatives and other Ayurvedic ingredients.

Constituents analysis report of, “Ayurcoro-3” mentions that constituents of the medicine are safe for human consumption. Institutional Ethics Committee (ECR/396/Inst/MH/2013/RR-19) which is registered with a central drug standard control organization and accredited by NABH Clinical Trial Program ( EC-CT-2017-0002 ) approved the clinical trial. As per Indian Govt. Regulation Clinical Trial was registered with Clinical Trial Registry of India (REF/2020/10/037145) and details of the Clinical Trial were submitted to AYUSH Ministry, Govt. of India.

A model example of integrated medicine: –

For social security and social benefit, it is very difficult to bring Although it is in need of an hour, We seldom witness modern science and ancient science collaborating for the benefit of humankind. But IIT Mumbai Professors(as external advisors), leading and eminent practitioners of modern medicine from Bhaktivedanta Hospital and Research Institute, as well as eminent Ayurveda physicians, came together. It is very commendable that experts from these different fields of science have come together and have done their research for the community in emergencies like Covid 19 Pandemic.

Highlights of Ayurcoro-3 :

  • Clinically proven immunomodulator.

  • FDA approved ingredient
  • Production produced by GMP certified company
  • Safety analysis at NABL Accredited Laboratory, Bhaktivedanta Hospital and Research Institute, Mumbai.
  • Only one day of medication is required for optimal effect.
  • There are no side effects observed yet.
  • CTRI / 2020/06/06262 Registered

The originality of our medicine: –

  • The medicine is made from Bos Indicus cow-derivatives to achieve desired results.
  • All ingredients are selected from Ayurveda original Ayurvedic texts.
  • The selection of ingredients at our pharmacy is authentic.
  • This material is processed in the same manner as explained in the scriptures of Indian traditional medicine.

Mode of Action of Ayurcoro-3 kit:-

  • Ingredients of Ayurcoro-3 readily develop the immune system through macrophages and mast cell sensors. Extensive examination of the constituents has shown that the ingredients are the safest and most effective substances.
  • Ingredients of Ayurcoro-3 have proven Antibiotics, Antiseptic properties in the throat and respiratory tract.
  • These medicinal elements are also known to balance all the three doshas (Vata, Pitta, and Kapha).
  • It enhances the taste of the tongue along with improvement in the smell by increasing the digestive fire. This leads to a good appetite hence good food intake.
  • This improves the strength of the system and organs making it strong to fight external pathogens.
  • This exactly reverses the action by weakening the pathogens reduces /stops further damage to the system.
  • Among them, a chemical called erythropoietin present in one of the ingredient acts as an immune cell promoter.

General points to be remembered while taking medicine Ayurcoro-3 :-

  • It is necessary to have lunch around 12:00 to 1:00 pm before taking Ayurcoro-3 medicines.
  • No food is allowed between the medicines until the drug plan is completed.
  • Some sick persons can drink hot water in the middle if needed. 

What do people say about Ayurcoro-3  :

Mr. Sanjeev Maheshwari (General Partner & CFO - Basil International Investments Ltd)

I contracted Covid, I took a dose of Ayurcoro-3. The symptoms were very mild and I recovered in a few days. I firmly believe that Ayurcoro-3 helped to substantially reduce the impact of Covid. I got my test and smell back within a day. I took a dose of Ayurcoro-3 during the time I had Covid along with other allopathic medicines and I do believe that it helped to maintain good immunity. Now I am perfectly fine and in good healthngs.

Mr Shashank Bali (TV Serial Director)

I was down with viral like symptoms, had taken two courses of azythromycin…still my throat was not healing, I was feeling weakness and was quite uncomfortable….Dr. memane prescribed me his ‘Ayurcoro-3’ medicine….I took it , it’s a one day process, after taking the medicine I started feeling even more fever and when I would take the temperature , it would show normal, I was very uncomfortable , finally I slept in the night . I woke up at 4 am went to the bathroom, I felt that my body was absolutely infection free, went to sleep woke up , felt weakness. ..Dr Memane told me to rest for two days and that as far as my infection was concerned , I was cured….in 2 days I was doing quite well….just a few days back , out of curiosity, I got myself tested , I have proper reactive antibodies….it was covid19 which I had , Dr.memane cured me in one day…my whole family was down with the same symptoms during the same days and I gave my whole family the same medicine ….all of them became absolutely fine in one day……I truly feel Dr.Memane and his‘Ayurcoro-3’ is a miracle..It deserves international recognition and should reach every individual….Dr Memane and Bhaktivedanta Hospital have done so much for the people … BHAGWAN SHRI KRISHNA AAP SAB PAR HAMESHA APNI KRIPA BANAYE RAKHE

Dr. Vijay Patil ( M.Tech, PhD - IIT BOMBAY) Professor in Nashik, Maharashtra

On behalf of my family, friends and my relatives, I would like to express the deepest gratitude from the core of my heart to Dr. Nanasaheb Memane and his Team for the medicine that they have developed against COVID-19. Most of us took this medicine as preventive dose. However few of my friends were infected and after taking the single day 6 hours dose developed by Dr. Memane, they could recover in less than four days and joined their regular duties. All the family members of one of my friend in Nashik were in ICU due to COVID infection. They ordered the medicine and took it and all recovered in 5 days and didn’t show any repercussions of COVID since then. In the current COVID Pandemic situation, this medicine is like Nectar and it should be recommended to all throughout the globe. I also presume that this medicine can also cure various allergies and burn excess fat.

I think that this medicine should be made available to each and everyone. I have many of my friends who took this medicine and were negative in Corona test inspite of having few covid symptoms. I took this medicine when I came to know it from one of our friend ( Mr. Kapadnis from Nashik, Maharashtra), whose whole family was covid positive. Some of the members were in ICU. However after taking this medicine, in next two days they were shifted out of ICU and regained energy in very short time and are quite fit nowadays.. Almost all my friends and family ( 16 members) took this medicine and by god’s grace till date we are protected from Corona. We are taking this medicine every month since August 2020. I think, It will not be exaggeration to say that this is not less than Sanjeevani in this situation of covid. I also had other serious allergy which gradually got cured in this period of 4 to 5 months after taking this medicine.

Oxygen level increased just next day of my parents. And it’s maintained normally.. I would n I already did n doing.. Suggesting this medicine for everyone. It’s must to have as a cure, as a preventive measure. N less symptoms with this.

It was a wonderful experience to order medicine, I was dealt with so much personal care and even through telephonic conversation it was fabulously coordinated and medicine is very effective, it started showing impact from the next day, I am very thankful for the medicine and care which I received even being at such a distant location. I have already started referring it to my friends and relatives.Special thanks to Swati for all her hard work in facilitating it with so much of ease for us !